Ready to Get Started?

You’ve decided that you are ready to get your new website. Now comes the questions. How do I register my web domain? What’s a web domain!?!? How do I set up hosting for my website? How much is this going to cost? What’s next?
Simply give us a call or send a us a note.. Once all the particulars are figured out, such as just exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll be able to give you a quote for our services. We work to ensure that you can not only get what you’re looking for, but so much more .. all while staying within your budget!

Want to Sell Your Product Online?

Now that you have decided to sell your products online, what’s next?

Get to Work

Firstly, don’t underestimate the amount of work involved. An online business is a business just the same, and requires your attention and involvement. There is no magic bullet. You need a plan. Who is your target audience? Your website will serve as your “store front” and will need to speak directly to your audience. Your product or service is the solution to their problem. Sell it. Quality content is a must. You’ll need to spend some time creating the content for your site, that will grab their attention and help make the sale. Product descriptions are an often overlooked necessity. The more detail the better, and be sure to have quality images as well. You will also need to consider with what service your products will ship and how you’d like to receive payments.

“I have all that figured out. I just need help getting my vision online. Now what?

That’s where we come in. Once you have the basics decided upon, give us a call or send us a note. We can help answer any remaining questions and start the work of getting your website set up and design ideas put in motion. There are many ecommerce solutions to choose from, yet we recommend WooCommerce. It is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, so you can rest assured you’re in good company.

Ready to get started?

Do I Really Need A Website?

Simply put, yes. Is there really any reason NOT to have a website?

A website is not only a highly effective marketing tool, it increases the number of your potential customers. Even if most of your business is gained through networking and personal connections, customers will always want to check out your website. When someone gives a referral of your business, your website becomes an important tool for them to find out more about you and what you offer. Potential clients will search for your website in order to find answers to questions they may have regarding your products and/or services. They are then able to see what others have to say about your company, what the cost may be, and find out your company phone number or address.
Posting relevant information on your website can help save YOU time by cutting down on time wasted spent answering the same basic questions. In addition, you are no longer limited by 9 to 5 hours, your online store is open 24/7!
When you have your own website, you can avoid less than professional email addresses ([email protected]) and instead provide a more easy to remember option such as [email protected]